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Monday, November 12, 2018

Stovetop veggie handpie invention, 11/12/18 - CK

Stovetop veggie handpie invention, 11/12/18 - CK

(Note - text between slashes is dictation nonsense showing my repeated efforts to get dictation writing what I want!)
11:22 AM Weird handpie breakfast is cooking on the stove top.
The Dough - flour, cornmeal, rolled old-fashioned oats, /big in batter salt letter water Bacon powder/(dictation nonsense/
baking powder
/Rolled out in two balls
Dividing to divide in to divide into balls for crying out loud/
Divide into two balls
Roll out one and form a little edge all around
Add the filling
Peas, corn, spinach, onions (all frozen veggies)
seasoned with: /so I thought so I sauce/
soy sauce, olive oil, lemon juice, cornmeal
Pat out the other ball of dough and cover the tart/hand pie. Crimp it closed. /Brakes and air holes./
Prick some air holes with a fork - you can make it into a pattern
This handpie is just a single serving I had put butter onto the tinfoil before spreading the bottom crust
I put this to cooking in the cast-iron frying pan placing the concoction in with the foil sheet that was on the tinfoil, into a commercial aluminum pie plate, tented with a piece of tinfoil and covered. This started cooking at 11:15 AM til
c. Noon

Excellent crust, browned underneath but no burn. Filling needed more soy sauce/salt and sour, lemon/vinegar, or mustard,

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