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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Strategies and games ideas for motivation to get one's self doing simple exercise routines, 8/1/18

Exercises games ideas, 7/30/18, CK 
I had been encouraging a friend that it was a lot easier to get one's self exercising if one could make it fun somehow. I suggested making a list of such possibilities. A week or so later, no, no list... ok, so I want to see if I can come up with such a list. Yes, and here it is. I need a list of small rewards too now!

  • Brainstorm big list – 10 kinds
  • Write on chips or slips
  • Random pick three
  • Do - one minute each – how many weeks for this game before increasing the ante with the times?
  • Track daily and exercise log or some kind of journal/study record. 
  • Spreadsheet and form for tracking
  • Put together music playlist to do exercise to
  • Use timer with fun music reward
  • Collect exercise or dance videos to move to. Aways keep a log
  • Make graphed images to fill in color blocks as you complete
  • Make a long rewards list
  • Record, track before and after feelings
  • Turn the whole process into a story/ a person/ a servant/ a role/ an animal/ a person being studied/ a person in a clinical trial
  • Turn the whole process into a graphic novel – as you go along
  • Write an article on the process as it happens
  • Advent calendar or style rewards
  • Compete with a buddy
  • Get a buddy to do it with as a partner, to keep each other motivated
  • Role play games with avatars and scores – there is a website with this premise for achieving goals over challenges and difficulties

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