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Friday, August 10, 2018

Questions to ask people at a smallish luncheon gathering, ideas

A friend invited a small group over for a porch party. I 'armed' myself by making a list of questions I could ask people, or might ask if I were doing a podcast interview. (That is something  I may try one day.) I don't think I got to ask any of these questions. People had plenty of things they wanted to tell each other, or that they just asked each other. Still, I liked that I had my list tucked away. I want to write it up on little question cards too. The wordings in these ideas is not that fluid - more in note form. Later I sent this list to my friend, since I had told her of it but had not been able to find it then. And I included a little digital drawing of this porch party.
  1. Work before retirement?
  2. What liked best about it?
  3. What liked least? 
  4. Why Maine?
  5. Why here?
  6. How long ago retired?
  7. How long ago moved?
  8. Current interests and activities?
  9. Your intentions for retirement?
  10. Book group, knitting, art, music, foreign language study, birds, nature/journal, Exercise, writing, book genres?
  11. Highlights - short events tours highlight short events tours
  12. Group tour experiences
  13. Volunteer activities
  14. How did you develop friends etc. in your new places?
  15. What are you liking most here?
  16. What are you liking the least here?
  17. Snowbirds?
  18. Winter travels and migrations
  19. Family
  20. Leaving where you used to live
  21. Miss careers?
  22. Podcast/interview questions topics, people
  23. What questions do you ask people?
  24. Drawing 

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