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Monday, August 13, 2018

Rockland Breakwater - adult art class, 8/13/18, student group display, and exercises

We started by practicing block drawings in dark crayons, without using outlines. We alternated between boxes and that old 'weight' symbol. The hope is that one gets to feel the difference between sloping planes of a form and perpendicular planes of a box . We added flaps, triangle blocks, and/or roofs to some of our blocks. One of them we turned into a birdhouse.

As reference for the final drawing, we used an outline digital conversion of my watercolor that I'd done from my reference photo of the Breakwater.
Class only had the line drawing to work from for their final drawing. Most of them drew in line and then colored in.

I tried drawing with black crayon in the same manner as the exercises but using that line conversion as my reference. I know the photo and the painting pattern well enough that I was able to do it, somewhat.

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