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Friday, May 25, 2018

Cat, dandelion, hummingbird, azaleas, black crayon drawing coloring page, 5/25/18

...and a quickie figure invention in direct painting watercolor


Obviously not watercolor! Found an art challenge that is based around doing 30 art works in 30 days. The point being to get in the practice of doing something on a daily basis. Direct painting in watercolor means getting right into the painting without underdrawing. But only because it is a new direction for some artists who recently tried this method as an experiment. In the light of trying it and sharing their experience with it, they set up this whole event, (for June), to join in doing it that month. The theory being that if others are doing it together one might find it easier to stay with the challenge, thereby growing one's self! 

I came across the FB group because of 'direct painting', a technique I often use at my kitchen table but not for scene and on location painting. All depends on the subject too. 

But I like very much the idea of making anything on a daily or almost daily basis. I have not been doing that at all. Checking into the group and suddenly finding feedback I could give on various questions, got me thinking/wanting to play too. The structure is informal enough. That suits my purposes. 

I did a quickie direct painting yesterday,(oh so quick, also shown here)...But today, I did not have water on hand for painting where I was sitting. I'd have to work in crayon. So for now it is just a bw crayon drawing. Help yourself to print it out for coloring. I can put up a PDF of it somewhere. The PDF I just printed out is full sheet, same as the drawing. 

I may try this later as 'direct painting' watercolor. We'll see! That actual challenge starts in June. 

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