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Monday, May 28, 2018

Breakfast remains, direct watercolor, Memorial Day, 5/28/18

Normally I would not try such a subject in 'direct watercolor'. This was a matter of 'well let's see if I can...'. Not three strokes in before I said, "ugh, now I remember why I never really enjoyed having to convey a scene w accuracy. I have to put this to a lot of contemplation. At least I got through the whole thing. Don't know where, if anywhere, I'm going with this.

Direct watercolor, as I understand it, means that you don't get to map it out with underdrawing before you paint. It means therefor that you hold a lot of shapes in your mind while you paint so that you can leave spaces for them. I also leave lots of white channels to keep paint/color areas from running together - because I don't want to wait for things to dry. People often notice that and say how much they like that style. It is merely a matter of convenience though - not something I do for how it 'looks' - thank you for that appreciation regardless though!


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