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Thursday, May 31, 2018

30 + ideas for painting exercises to practice working faster, 5/31/18

Ideas for exercises to practice doing faster art, as a counter action to the impulse to get hung up in overworking art. Tues, 5/29/18 Catinka Knoth ...continued through 5/31/18

One page of notes is transcribed to text here. The other pages are photos of notes. Maybe I'll transcribe at some point. I write in pencil but at least had them converted for cleanup. Still hard to read....

1.  set timer at one minute, two minutes, five minute, etc.

Work from references: 

art examples 

subject pics

2. make slideshows with preset timed changes

3. work from Videos, TV shows

4. take pics from the book and make into a slideshow

5. Print ref pics onto cards to turn over with timer

6. work with others – change refs with neighbors at timer signal

7. do memory sketches from a walk, a days experiences

 8. Sketch on a boat ride, harbor tour

9. Sketch on a walk

10. Create a scavenger hunt with others, that is a timed return. Sketches of the finds are the validation

11. Work/sketch at various activities, events, locations:





Musical performances




Sports events



  1. Limited parameters for ones exercises:
  2. Make a list of limited parameters for art exercises
  3. Choose one of the exercises by desire or choose by lottery/chance

Made version #1 list earlier. Should be lots of overlap between the list!

More notes on the subject, need transcribing to text.

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