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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Testing 'Etsy mini' and musings over changes at Etsy...

Testing whether I can make the etsy mini widget so that it lacks the link to the site in general. I have stripped that out, but I think it will either not work at all, or it will auto add it somehow. Etsy is doing away with this widget for new versions. If one already has it, it will stay....Supposedly. Changes are coming at E. One of the shareholders, a hedge fund that owns 2% of E stock, has written an article that has been in the news. CEO had to step down and the company had to lay of 8% of their work force (80 people). All this while the company has been moving into new digs apparently. And back in the forums for the past year there have been back and forth postings and speculations about huge drops in business by some and alternately good sales for others. And frequent changes that keep turning things topsy-turvy and keep people on their toes. All in all, an interesting(?) or curious side drama!

So, now let's see if it works after I have added the general site link back in. So far nothing is showing.. ok.. it does not show in the editor but shows once posted. I will try both ways now.

...and, it only works with the general site link included..

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