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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mother's Day cards and lilyponds with frogs, cranes, and a touch of perspective, student work, kids and adult drawing classes, 5/8-9/17

How to practice perspective without really doing so?! In adult class we tried to draw a tiled ground in perspective. We did not use measuring and proper rules. All just approximating... In the tiles we drew ovals of gradating sizes. These were the lilypads which in real nature would not line up that way. Then we placed frogs in the foreground and tried to draw some egrets in the scene. Coloring as desired after that.

The kids' class made up their Mother's Day card as they wished. Remember if you draw on a card and happen to draw on the back side instead of the front - just cut it out and glue it to a new card. Or make it a loaded card with a new picture on the other side. Or turn it into the inside of the card and add a new image to the front. Lots of ways to go!



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