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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Snowflake papercuts, New Year, and December holidays art from children's classes, both kids & adult work,12/20/16 - 1/3/17

The trouble with those papercut snowflakes is that kids hands are not big or strong enough to cut through the folds needed for the best overall snowflake shape. We tried an experiment. We folded the paper into a quarterfold, but then drew in a makeshift extra starpoint. We cut around the overall shape pattern. Once we had the basic flake shape, we did the little cut away triangles and diamonds or whatever we wanted. And then to open the surprise snowflake. We colored up background sheets in any way we wanted. One child made an entirely different drawing of two creatures, visible when the snowflake gets lifted. Another child used the initials I had given as
a model to write initials from as something to paste onto the artwork. This meant another child wanted to hang up initials from me but not on the work. "No, you may not!", I said. I had not made the connection of why the child wanted the initials. "My work does not go there." I said, not realizing it was already there on the other child's work. Oh, the unintended unfairnesses of life.

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