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Monday, January 30, 2017

Penguins & sports figures, black n white! Student art display, adult drawing class, 1/30/17

Exercises with black circle and teardrop paper cuts, create an arrangement on a quarter sheet of paper, draw that arrangement on another sheet by coloring in, don't use outlines. Can you find a figure in your drawing? Or what do you see in your arrangement? Now make some arrangement where you intend to draw to make a figure. Do another one. Are you beginning to see the connection to sports figures graphics and penguins? Final drawings on a larger sheet work from reference pictures of penguins to make a a penguin scene drawing using some of what you worked with in the exercises.

More specifically for the exercises, (repeating from my FB comments):
The fun of it was also in the exercises. I asked class to color up 2 quarter sheets using black crayon. Freehand cut a couple circles, several elongated teardrop shapes of varying sizes. Make an arrangement on a blank quarter sheet using several shapes. Draw this arrangement on other blank quarter sheet. Look at your drawings and see if you can find a figure or whatever in them. Now try to make an arrangement that is somewhat like an action sports figure, preferably winter sport. This will be quite abstracted. Now see what kind of penguins you can make from your shapes, (and draw). None of these drawings should use outlines. They should be done by coloring out/up/in(?) the shapes.

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