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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Snow scene, students, adult art class 1/23/17

We started with a couple exercises - you can see a few examples along the bottom.
a) Continuous line drawing of the reference photo, working with a crayon.
b) Color in the blue shapes:blue sky, blue snow areas. Color in the dark areas: tree trunk, branches, darks in the barn, roof edges. No outlines when you do this. Whites stay white. Are you seeing the white snow appear on the branches? When you draw, look for creatures in the negative shapes, or even in the lines. You don't have the reference photo for this, so you will have to take my word that some of the creatures I saw were: bison head, greyhound, old fashioned ladies shoe, eagle, crow. Class was very skeptical of my findings, until I made a map with labels on each finding! They conceded to most - except the buffalo head.

For the final drawing they were to employ the two exercises together if they were so inclined. And, of course draw it bigger. Just changing the scale of the drawing is a big challenge!

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