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Friday, November 19, 2021

,Dog wearing glasses and seashell still life, my drawings from Sip & Sketch week 82, 11/12/21

Dog wearing glasses and seashell still  life, my drawings from Sip & Sketch week 82, 11/12/21. Remembered in random order.

  1. Seashell still life
  2. Dog wearing glasses
  3. Woman with piercing eyes, wrinkled face, long hair
  4. Asian girls in red ceremonial garb
  5. Lotus seed pods, (not remembered)..
  6. Staircase and temple in Thailand with dragon like railing

Sip & Sketch session/week #82,  hosted by theater costume and set designers, Lisa Jordan and Cindi Taylor, 

Thank you so much for making these sessions possible. 

They curate a set of images for each session. Participants draw each selection at varying 'pose' lengths - from 5-20 minutes - until the timer rings. Then most participants show their drawings briefly for a group screen shot in 'gallery ' view. These sessions take place virtually over Zoom.

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