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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Woodland animals and turkeys, student drawings, adult art class, 11/18/19

We warmed up with a set of drawing exercises working from reference photos.
1) draw a critter in white by just coloring in the background.
2) draw a blind contour drawing of a critter - keep your eye on the reference image, tool on the paper, and don't look at the paper. Go slowly and quietly. It is not supposed to look like anything!
3) draw a continuous line of the reference image, keep tool on the drawing
4) draw the forms of a reference image. Egg shapes? But imagine their 3D form how it takes up space.
Turkey - half a sheet drawing script like scribbling. Each line should be connected script forms repeating a mark like a letter. Hmm - would this work as the actual letters of the name?
The other half of the page is to translate the elements of a turkey image into the scribbles of script/calligraphy.

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