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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Scarecrows and pumpkin patches, apples and apple trees, - student art displays, kids’ and adults’ drawing classes, 10/7-8/19

In kids class we went through a long list of guessing what the day’s topic was to be. Finally someone guessed pumpkins. That was only part of it! The scarecrow blows in the wind and though he jangles with pie pans and cans, he does not fool the crows. The sit on his head and arms, and find some corn. And his hat looks like the sunrise or sunset.

Adult class did apples and Apple trees. Apples are always a good subject for practicing spheres. We did exercises for this in pencil and practiced how a light source affects a sphere. Students worked from my reference photos after we had practiced from my schematic demos.

The whole thing is a cycle / round and round and rushing along. We may think we are just ourselves but it is all of us, our selves, that make the whole thing happen. It must be a balance of predictable to unpredictable or there would be no point to going through with it.

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