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Monday, October 28, 2019

Halloween pumpkins and black cats; haunted houses and monsters - kids’ and adult class art display, 10/22-28/19

We started with exercises attempting to draw only the black features of jack-o-lanterns. The object is to try for fierce or scary expressions. It is really hard. We usually end up with nice friendly faces. But it is always good to try.

We then practiced a series of pumpkins in conceptual or archetypal form. Schematic is the word!

I drew a black cat silhouette also as a quick follow along model.

Then the class drew their own pumpkin Halloween scenes. In one here, instead of a blue moon, we have a blue pumpkin.

Kids’ class drew haunted house scenes with more Halloween motifs. They did some monsters as well.

This one is all ready to be a coloring page!

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