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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Finn-Am church, St. George Peninsula, adult art class display, 9/16/19

Exercises before the final drawings, (descriptions are probably out of order):
Practice in observing and looking at things differently than we are used to. It does not matter if you do it right or wrong. It just matters that you try. We need new experiences for our sense of well being. We need the challenges.
First try drawing just the dark shapes - without using outlines. Color into imaginary outlines.

Continuous line drawing of the reference image. Drawing tool stays in contact with the paper at all times. Draw backwards if you need to get back to a spot.

Ex. Draw just the sky area. Make boundary edges but not outlines. Again, you are coloring in this shape to imaginary outlines. Do the green area too.

Do a coloring in with one dark color, but make some of the shaded areas using a different set of marks - like stripes.

Final drawing as you wish. Use the reference images. Class had photos and a digitally prepared outline over a graph.

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