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Monday, March 25, 2019

The Circus comes to town, triangle circus figures, adult art class display, 3/25/19

Wonderful figures for the circus theme in adult art class today. Some instructions from me are too much like counting cards. No one has a head for making sense of such instructions. This will always be like that game 'telephone'. "Hunh, what did she say?" Who knows! We just have to hope we come up with penicillin,(well known accidental discovery, right?). But if you try to make an 'accident', is it still an accident?...

First we cut card stock into quarters. We used copy paper folded into quarters as a kind of 'ruler'. We cut the card stock up into postcards of a sort. We drew one triangle figures on each 'postcard'. We decorated/colored the figures. We cut them out. We arranged our figures on a full sheet of copy paper, sticking them down with tape loops. We traced the figures. We re-stuck the figures into another sheet of copy paper. Now we had papers with tracings on them to be colored etc later, and we had our arrangement with the cutouts - which you can see here. A student kindly let me use her camera to take a pic as mine was rebellious saying there was so room for anymore pic taking.

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