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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Cat Advent & Holidays 2018 iMessages thread drawings etc... 12/25/18

Finally a reply from L on the drawings iMessage thread:
"Please take me off this message stream!!!!! I'm fucking trying to sleereeerp !!!!!!!!"

Sorry this had not been clarified before. I started this iMessages thread because I thought it was time that I check in somewhere on a daily basis. It became obvious that that was not going to work. I didn't know whom I was bothering or not. But I liked that I could use those live drawings. They don't work in any other format. I had also liked the idea of trying to make an Advent calendar - a different drawing for each day of Advent. I had written up a list of lots of ideas to draw from, to draw. And I had already gotten started on these. When it became obvious that it wasn't really interesting anyone else, I felt a little bit sad because this had been a good motivator for me to do this early in the morning. It got me up in the morning early to be able to do it. But I knew already this would not be sustainable. And yes I was doing it for myself so that I could watch the drawings live. My student who is part of that text message chain which is very small just for five people, almost always responded. I knew from one sister, C, that she liked them though she could not always respond. I presumed that the other sister was seeing them but also could not always respond. I just assumed that L  had set up a place for these iMessages to go so they wouldn't bother him. I assumed there had to be a way to shut off notifications for them.
I was far enough into them that I was not going to stop then. I did periodic email messages of the drawings in final form to family and friends. I made blog posts of almost each day's drawings. And I had decided that that was how I was going to have to do it - by blogging these drawings. Even there the daily grind of it did not seem sustainable. But I was just going to see how far i might be able to take it. And then word came in from some people that they were enjoying the emails. Other people on the email list I had no idea about whether this was a nuisance or what. But I wasn't sending these out as daily emails either. And I could not see why people would like them in their final form. To me the fun of it was seeing them as they're drawn especially those tiny ones!

So last night at midnight
came the blowup of  "take me off the list I am fucking".... blah blah blah.
I googled to learn whether there is a way to customize one's imsg notifications. Yes, plenty...
Just google the question!

Oy vey!

Post Note: turns out individual's notifications settings got thrown out of whack. I was suddenly sending this to 5 instead of 4, and late at night instead of early morning. I also input names one by one rather than by group.

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