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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Quickie apple dessert with corn tortillas, 11/2/17

Oh my - can't believe I only today thought of this combo. The other day a friend brought me some large corn based cookies. Got me wondering how one could adapt corn tortillas into something similar.

Oohh so much better:
Heat the cast-iron frypan.
Two corn tortillas together.
Dab thin slices of butter on to the corn tortillas.
Cover with plain slices of tart apples.
I keep the skin on them but that's personal preference, (and it is better for you).
Sprinkle apples with a teaspoon of sugar.
Sprinkle cinnamon.
Transfer this tart onto the frying pan. No fat needed in the pan.
This is pan baking or roasting essentially - cover the pan, and let it cook.
I don't know how long I let it cook. I was off getting washed up and ready to dive into my new dessert.
Once I saw that the apples had been affected by heat, I turned the heat off and let it sit in its own heat some mor.e
Then I took the pictures.
Once I had pictures I could take a taste.
The two tortilla crust is crackly. Yhe apples and the tortillas together taste really good. What an easy way to make a fruit dessert! Didn't even need any salt. Usually these corn tortillas need some salt but this was fine.

Now, I want a Spanish name for this -
Manzanilla con maiz tortillas

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