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Monday, November 27, 2017

Native American designs for November is a commemorative month. Adult drawing class, 11/27/17

November is Native American Heritage Month
Student art display: 
We started with several design or graph color play exercises. 
Four panes. Divide them into graphs of equal sized squares in the following divisions
#1. 8x8  create a symmetrical design in one darkish color
#2. 6x6  do as #1
#3. 7x7.  Create a symmetrical design, touch each edge. (Two colors ok - I don't remember)
#4. 5x5. As #3

Full sheet - set up a 12 x15 graph, leaving a border or margin around it.
Create 4-6 free standing designs or motifs in this sheet. Use colors as you wish.

Final piece:
Fold a sheet of paper so you have as large a square as you can out of it. Cut away that excess paper. (Assuming all know how to find a square in a rectangular sheet of paper). Fold in half each way, and then again both ways. You should have 16 squares in the overall square. Fold in half on the diagonals as well. (You should already have one from making the large square.) Create a two color design in your big square by coloring in the folded boxes and triangles as you wish. 

How does this apply to Native American design? Just imagine their bead and quill work.... All based on cell and graph design. The Seminole and Miccosukee Native Americans made cloth and clothing by sewing long strips of cotton together then cutting these and piecing together to make repetitious cloths to sew together as larger materials. 
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