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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bird sings? to Osprey family squeaking and circling overhead, and CK's mimic whistle.

Bird Mimic Responds To Osprey Group's Cries 8-9-17.m4a
It was a song I had not heard before. I tried to whistle the same back. Practiced it all the way upstairs and made a recording. Now to find what bird it was. ( I could only hear the bird). Anyone know? Or how to find out?

Ok, looks like the recording file did not post. Now to find that.

So maybe the little video I have since made, a papercut bird stick puppet and my own mimic whistling will work/show here...
I hear a different bird song today and try to mimic it by whistling. Here my papercut bird stick puppet gives its appearance to the song.

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