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Friday, August 11, 2017

Illustrating difference between watermark and credit line on images.

I made this w my phone's image edit markup features. The question had come up on Etsy. Having watermarks on your images is now frowned upon by the various search engines. (I agree.) But a credit line that does not obscure the essentials of the content is another matter, and I would say a must have. A watermark is usually somewhat transparent though, unlike my sample for which I only had white. Let us hope that my posting this 'watermarked' image I don't get penalized by google etc. Perhaps I'll just link to it... after a bit.

At this link, if it works, is a rough example showing a watermark vs. a credit line. Watermark would also be more transparent than the white I had to use. ... cannot make this a clickable link now, so copy/paste to use it.

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