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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mardi Gras Masks, kids' and adult drawing classes art displays, 2/27 & 2/28, 2017

In each class we drew freehand templates on half sheets of folded paper. Then we used them as tracers. Adult class students kept their mask designs as whole larger drawings. Kids' class students decorated their traced masks and then cut them out. Adults in kids' class had to work quickly on their masks so they could also become a stick factory and roll up paper for the mask/lunette sticks.

Kids' class: Note the mask decorated with figures illustrating all the sports that child has tried. Another is a Spider Man. Whether adult or young child, making foldover templates get us topsy-turvy over how to cut so that one winds up with one piece rather than two separate pieces. I tried arguing with one young person over how one could solve the problem of how to make one piece rather than two. Tape or glue was not the answer I wanted. Only later did I understand that I meant "figure out how to make it as one whole piece the NEXT time", but the child wanted to join the two pieces in hand to make one whole mask. Only later did I see that 'Of course those would need to be joined by some fastener like tape or glue.' Oh how blind this teacher can be!


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