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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Irish Blessing to color for St. Patrick's Day

Our blizzard is finally really underway. The library called early closing time for Noon today. No kids' drawing class. We were to do drawings for St. Patrick's Day. I asked a friend what quote or saying she likes and maybe I could make a coloring page of it. She would have a longer one that she liked!
Write the blessing in my tablet's drawing app using the / slash 'nib'. I wrote it in green and completely forgot about using uncial lettering. This is hand lettered. Upload to an online image editor and convert to black and white. Find another online image editor that converts photos to coloring pages. Usually that conversion does not work well on my images but in this case I wanted the lettering to lose the insides. That worked well.
The lettering took up so much space that there is no real place for decoration. But you have a lot of letters to color! I hope this can print out nicely as a gif file. I will later put it in pdf form. And, here it is, a pdf on my Etsy - Irish Blessing coloring page pdf a $1.50 download.


  1. This would be so much fun to cut vinyl and put on a mug or window. Thank you for sharing.

  2. ooh Petrina - tell what you mean about cut in vinyl. I did it in regular green calligraphy completely freehand on the tablet and converted it so it could be colored in by others. Had not thought of it beyond that. I will try to post the green version tomorrow. This was just a whim for someone as we mused on some memories!