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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Paper house tracer/template sketch

I sketched this out before the gingerbread house drawing class. It is not done with rulers. I made measurements by pinching the paper. You get the idea and can see what you might like to change. Decorate as you want before you cut it out. It probably works better on card stock, but it is small enough to work with copy paper. I put slits along the tabs in this first cut-out. This light weight paper does not work well with the slit join. Card stock would probably work well with a slit join. Otherwise just glue or tape those tabs together, on the inside would be nice. The roof needs to be fastened down from inside with tape, or glue a strip of paper across the join on the inside. If you want an overhang, fold a little edge on each side. There may not be enough excess for an overhang. This is by no means an exact plan, but it is good enough to make something with

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