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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas tree drawings, papercuts, and cards, kids and adults, children's drawing class, 12/13/16.

Christmas tree drawings, papercuts, and cards - kids' drawing class, student art, children and adults.

A four year old learning to hold and master scissors so it actually cuts and drawing triangles, (can you remember trying to form the peak of an A as a very young child - almost impossible at that age), worked so hard and came away filled with glee.

An eight year old avid artist turned the family's triangle trees into a larger tree farm by gluing them onto a two page spread.

A ten year old lover of drawing figured out most of the confusing aspects of turning a symmetrical tree papercut into a folding card and then got to work teaching the adult!

They also all managed to turn their so called 'mistakes' into something else. There was not enough room or time to put up all the art they all made. And they had made it all practically in silence from almost silent demonstration and gestures. Then bang, bang, bang - up on the wall for the group art display.


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