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Monday, November 7, 2016

Deer drawings by students, from kids' art class and adults, 11/2/16 & 11/7/16 (phew, eve of Election Day).

We did follow-along drawings working from the art of Ken Hultgren, a long ago former Disney animator.

Adult class had some exercises to do first. They were to make 4 'windows/frames on their sheet. Box #1- draw 9 criss crossing straight lines border to border, like a plaid.
Box #2- draw 11 diagonal strait lines criss crossing.
Box #3- draw 7 arcs, border to border, criss crossing.
Box #4- draw 13 overlapping triangles. Don't count any extra triangles formed by overlap
Now color in a critter invention or finding in each box. Use a different dark color for each box.

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