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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Christmas sets offset printed cards, by Catinka Knoth, vintage! 1988.

What a clutter! Some toys, animals & angels made by me, and some that I've had for a long time. Our Mom gave me the Gundt Teddy - in my eyes it was not up to snuff with a Steiff animal. Then I felt sorry for it and so, had to do a pen and ink drawing with him and his little buddy the real Teddy, who used to be a lovely Cerulean blue. They then got turned into a Christmas design. The other Teddy, also a real Steiff I forgot about until now. These have all been stuffed into a box, besides being stuffed anyway, until I needed them today for this pic for Catinka's Christmas Shop. Notice his lovely sweater - handknit of fine cotton yarn. Our Mom made that. She loved to knit and sew miniatures but did so much knitting and sewing for regular/larger sized beings, that she did not get to do the tinies as much. These toys are only out today as props for the cards... for the big 'cover' pic one is supposed to have in an online shop. ....Maybe more about how the cards came to be later..

Catinka's Christmas Shop

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