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Monday, October 17, 2016

Autumn leaves experiments, rubbings, papercuts, cutouts, drawings - adult drawing class, 10/17/16

Peak foliage here in Maine now, (I think). I had only brought a bag of last yea'rs leaves - the emergency stash. Good weather today, so students ran out to gather a good collection.

We started with blind contour drawings.
Then regular contour drawings.
Some freehand paper cuts either from imagination, memory, and/ or referring to the real leaves.
Papercuts where symmetrical cutting over folds in lightweight paper. That leaves a background white sheet, (no pun intended).
Color a new sheet in a variety of colors any way that you wish. Cover the sheet. We are using crayons here. Place the white cut out background sheet over the colored sheet and just admire. Later you can choose to attach it to the background sheet.
Use the colored background sheet to make rubbings of real leaves and/or the papercut leaves.
Hopefully you can see edges of your leaves. Color in that background from the edge of the leaf all-around so that it is darker. It will be hard to see the edges of the leaves. This is an experiment that may or may not work. So many ways to play with this. Go to town. Have fun.

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