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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 2016 - greens, leprechauns, rainbows, and celtic designs art lessons; demo and student art, 3/16/16

St. Patrick's day is a good time to play with greens. Greens made with the two yellows and four blues in our crayon sets. We made color charts of these colors overlaying each other. We colored the rows  in the first layer, then overlaid the columns in a second layer, using the same order. Each color combo has two versions. How different are they depending on which color went down first? Regular crayons don't blend as strong a color as paints would because there is so much wax in the first layer, it just repels any further coloring. It is still a good experiment. Note the difference just between individuals' lay down style!

Only today do I realize - here we are doing greens charts and all this time I have been blind to these ALSO being portions of the rainbow - such a big part of the leprechaun story!

The students, (adults), however, went to town turning their greens charts into rainbows.

Frames for our final drawings - We folded our papers for the leprechaun drawings so that we had equal sided border frames and corners in which to draw designs. (This folding gets dyslexic.)

Fold the long side up to desired width. You know how to make sure your fold is parallel to paper edge. How to fold the sides so they are equal width to that first length? Think back on how you fold a 'square'. Use that as measurement guide to fold up the sides. From there you should have the measurement for the equal width last side, (the other long side). Now, presumably the corner squares each have a diagonal in them. How can you make the criss-cross diagonal in each square so that you have more balanced design in the corners? Make it so.

Kids' class followed along with my leprechaun demonstration. We drew by coloring into imaginary outlines. This gives that stencil silhouette effect. It is hard to grasp this when one is used to drawing with just outlines.



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