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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Rabbits & Eggs - drawings & cards, art lesson, 3/22/16

An Easter whiteboard demo drawing for children's art class. Kids and adults generally followed along. After we did the large drawing everyone colored their art. We had a little time left to do some paper cuts. We cut paper into four quarters. Color a piece as you wish. Class did not know what was coming next! Ok! Cut that out freehand in one continuous cut - an egg! Actually I did not even tell them at first. I started - someone guessed circle and then it hit them - an egg. Ok, color another piece as you wish. Decorate if you want but we have to do it fast. Now! - cut a freehand bunny in one continuous cut - as if you are drawing with the scissors. Now see how your background pieces on white paper give you white eggs and bunnies. Some people did have time to also glue down their colored papercuts, (positives), onto white paper.



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