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Friday, January 8, 2016

Evergreens in snow - papercuts and art, students, adult art class, 1/4/16, Polar bears - kids' class 1/5/16


Evergreens in snow - papercuts and art, students, adult art class, 1/4/16

We each colored up a sheet of card stock in varieties of blues and purples. Class was to go wild in how they did it. Some may have guessed how this would be used, if they had seen the image illustrating the press release for the class. But they did not know for sure.

Next - cut copy paper in half the short way. Fold each piece in half the long way.
    do a simple paper cut working out from the fold, of a simple spiky evergreen tree.
    do another tree with rounded branches
    do an optional third tree, (we did them from quarter sheets i think), of the simplest triangle n trunk tree.

After the above practices, make a freeform papercut, in one continuous line, of a single tree within a frame, horizontal format. You should end up with two pieces of paper - a positive and a negative. Take the positive white tree with white border piece and 'tip', (paste in a few strategic points), onto the background piece that you colored earlier.

Make another background sheet. Arrange the individual tree papercuts and tip in.


We had a very young visitor to class. You may find some of that art in the display too! And we had the rogue papercut snowflake by another as well here!


Polar Bears - students, kids & adults, children's drawing class, 1/5/16

We did a follow along drawing from my demo on the whiteboard. After that, though you don't see them here, we did papercuts of individual polar bears. First cuts students go to draw then cut out. Next papercut they were to cut freehand. The third, after having tried the drawing with scissors, could be drawn and then cut out.

Then we made quickie origami boxes to carry the paper cuts home in. But they were to be shadow boxes as well. Most students had a 4th quarter of paper left. They were to draw a quickie background to lay into the bottom of their boxes. I wish we'd had time to take pics of these boxes.



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