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Friday, September 11, 2015

Floral coastal scenes inventions - beach roses, poppies, lupine, wildflowers with daisies.

These four floral coastal scene inventions make up a quartet of notecards, (and prints). The wildflower cove was last in the series. While setting up images into digital layouts for printable download pdf's, I noticed - here is a group of inventions of three kinds of flowers. I will have to do another flower to complete the series. These were not intended as a series. Just the result of my coastal floral scene lessons this year and the past, though the lessons/classes are a series. The last, "Wildflower Cove Invention", started out as daisies but turned into a bit more diverse, if vague, wildflower patch. Imagined cornflowers/flax/asters, (whatever those blue flowers that we see towards summer's end are), and goldenrod fill this field.

These were all painted on card stock, (8.5" x 11"), rather than 'real' watercolor paper. The right brand of card stock takes paint nicely and is plentiful. It is very freeing in painting to know there is plenty of paper on hand. Ideally one would be so practiced and proficient and confident that one would not worry about freezing up when setting the brush to real rag watercolor paper.

There is no underdrawing in these paintings. They are all painted directly and made up in the moment. Maine coastal views are quite similar in general structure.

Order the 8 notecard set of all four images, (two of each scene).


  1. Beautiful paintings Catinka.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you Petrina! Thanks for getting me moving on this! I found your blog also. Wonderful to see all your magic pouring out. You know we can make books out of all these posts.

  3. Thank you Catinka. I did not know we could make a book from these posts - how?

  4. Many of the POD (Print on Demand) services can pull your material from certain blogs and format them right into a book. You could do it your self too, tho perhaps labor intensive. I have not checked fully yet but browse the possibilities occasionally. I think Blurb and Lulu can do it. I just ran across an ad on FB that does it from yr FB posts. It is a bit like having an automatice scrap book or memory keepsake. They all keep offering lots of options for people to do with the content they have uploaded and accumulated by now.

  5. Good to know. I love how you share what you know.