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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Twitter screen capture 09/08/15 c. 10:15 am

An example of what was showing on my twitter feed a little while ago - here to illustrate the resources available with twitter. 

We had been speaking of the new Google logo/font - why some like it and others don't. Twitter is an example of what some consider too goofy a name, and therefore won't use it. Too bad because it can be so useful.

"I actually love twitter, but it was not reliably accessible with the straight talk phone i was using. And It does not make sense for computers and other substantial machines. But it is great for following news, weather, fast breaking ongoing stories, and great article leads. It depends on whom one follows. One can follow good news outlets. Local people did not use it much a few years ago. That may have changed. ... But there are a lot of people who write it off because of the name. They never get as far as finding out the benefits of twitter." - CK

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