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Monday, August 17, 2015

Sailing past Rockland Breakwater lighthouse, crayon drawing and exercises, adult art class 8/17/15


Sailing past the Rockland Breakwater 
Exercises: tear triangles from a quarter sheet of paper. Position triangles in first window. Trace around triangles. Color in the background with a dark crayon. Recreate that dark background in next window by coloring in without outlining. New triangle arrangement in window 3, but go right to coloring in the background. Again, recreate this in window 4.
Final drawing: Continuous line drawing of the scene - use a dark crayon and make sure to start by drawing a border around your paper. Pull out the yellows and oranges from your crayon box. Blindly choose one crayon from this pool of yellows and oranges. Pool the greens. Blindly choose from the greens. Pool all colors back together. Blindly select your third color. Color your drawing using just those three chosen colors. Color as far away form normal coloration as you can.
At last, if you wish, do a continuous line drawing of the scene, and color as you wish!

Here is the original series of paintings:

This series of Friendship Sloop Races paintings started as very quick sketches done during the races, (15 years ago!!). The boats move quickly so it has to be a quick catch. I painted in the sketches at home later. That is all I have as reference pics for sailboats in action, (for which I have permission to use). So we must rely on my very quick drawing. I had no good camera back then with which to get a decent sailing photo. My camera now can't really catch a sailboat in action out that far either

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