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Monday, August 10, 2015

Rockland Breakwater lighthouse - demo drawing in black crayon; student drawings, practices and final work ( on the clock wall); adult art class, 8/10/15

... And my reference photo from a long ago ferry ride!

Rockland Breakwater lighthouse -students' practices and final drawings, adult art class, 8/10/15. And the reference photo, my pic from a ferry trip in 1999? Practices were done by following along with my demo drawing. No real explanation of perspective principles. Just a loose run through of what actual shapes we were seeing and what else they might look like. You might be able to find an example of the very first practice - drawing a skewed cube vs. a normal cube, just by coloring in shapes using invisible outline. Tough habits to break when one is so used to thinking in terms of outlines. Yes, outlines are very important - BUT you also need to practice a feel for areas and imaginary outlines.

The clock wall displays the final drawings, done as desired.


One student is interested in using chalk drawing in his teaching. I told of an old ebook on just that, specifically white chalk on blackboard. This is a wonderful book written long ago and available as a free ebook/download from gutenberg

(I'm pretty sure this is the one I meant!)
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... tho this one is not just white chalk. They use charcoal too. I will look further, later.

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