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Monday, July 20, 2015

Poppies art lesson, adult class, 7/20/15

Poppies in adult art class, 7/20/15, my demos and student work. Warm up exercises: A) Create 'rectangles' of red spots by 1) rows 2) outline of spots and fill in 3) random spot pattern 4) random fill in from middle out B) draw an amorphous shape and fill in with red spots randomly. Spots may vary in size, but try for larger than you have probably been doing! Now, create the same working from inside out. Keep the shape/outline in your mind's eye. Work that imagination muscle! C) Color an area light green. Over this light green use a darker green or blue to create sinuous light green lines and 'S's.
Final drawing, (in crayon):
Draw a frame around your page. We then worked from one of my paintings as a reference. In a continuous line draw first the overall shape that the poppies make, then move on to capture the other areas or main shapes.
Lay down light green in all the green areas. Lay down a blue in the main blue areas. etc. Use darker greens or blues to develop poppy stems. Perfect chance to explore patterning and art nouveau.
Develop the poppies with reds and oranges and any further accents.

Student display after my demos.
We had a young visitor in class whose rainbow and heart drawing radiates through the rest of the work!

Inline imageInline image
Inline image

Inline image
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