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Friday, July 3, 2015

Fw: port clyde watercolors

Just dug up an old email of some Port Clyde series watercolor sets as notecards. No, this selection has not yet gotten onto my website. So, here is the original message, and at least they will be on one of my blogs! ... Perhaps easier to find than if buried in email archives.

Hi K!
Hope you can see these ok. I haven't done any doctoring. These are just
quick snapshots of the 'masters' I use for my color copying. They are
photos of color copies. (That's actually what I did for my website in
order to be able to get that many images up without having to scan.)
But I've done nothing to bring up the color. These are also in the
'small' size so that it won't take too long for me to upload. I hope
you can see enough from this.

Sorry for the delay - and thanks for the push. Now let's hope I'll get
this doctored and onto the website soon! At least I've got it to send
in email.

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241 Broadway, Apt B
Rockland, ME 04841
207-596-0069 or 207 691-5544

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