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Saturday, March 21, 2015

"What's for dinner?" Why I rarely need to ask, (myself), anymore.


The question posed on FB the other day wanted to know of people's experiences with food vacuum sealers. The poster wanted to cook meals way in advance to solve the "What's for dinner?" question. I gave my long piece of advice on how I'd solved that problem years ago. It used to be such a problem, until I did this.

Below is my comment to part of the question. The poster was probably looking for confirmation of the desire to use a vacuum sealer. Of course - it was not a question of "What's for dinner?". It was a question of "What is your experience with a vacuum sealer?". At least I got to write this up, out of place and uncalled for advice that it was. I also dug out the two actual lists. The first is so well worn, not because I used it a lot, but because it sat so long on the kitchen table in the line of spills and spatters. After that first week or so I had no more need of it. The meals eventually expanded into another set, those in the second list, of 2004. It is time to write another list. The inventions now change constantly, always evolving.

My 'what's for dinner' solution, tho it was only me asking myself, has worked perfectly. Sit down and write a list on sturdy paper, of any dish you can think of that you know you like and that is easy to make. In my case I had to be able to put them together very fast (10-15 min prep with somewhat unwatched cooking time). Every day just look at the list to see what you might want to cook, what you feel up to cooking. Then cook! You always know you will like it.

Add to the list as you wish. I stopped needing or using it after a week and have loved making dinner for myself ever since. Deciding is never an issue - well a little because I want any of these dishes. And I also improvise a little as I go along. Use lots of frozen veggies that you can mix n match. Keep lots of the components for the meals in the freezer. This way you are choosing from things you know you like and that inspire you to cook. Looking at your larder n fridge can get you uninspired, (unless that is what gets you wanting to cook). If it is the others who have the problem w the question of 'What's for dinner?', that is another issue!

Every once in a while I pull out the old list just to look at it fondly. It feels good to see this bunch of ideas collected on this paper. Can't remember when this started!
(The comment written Mar 15 at 3:12pm)

And these are the original two lists.


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