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Monday, March 30, 2015

The cat who flew in the nighttime sky - a poem, CK, 3/23/15

The cat who flew in the nighttime sky
Was always given to wondering why.
Why were the stars so big and so bright?
Why did they only come out at night?

Why did the moon seem round as a ball
    one could bounce down the hall?

Some nights it hung like a C,
With even a place for a hat,
He was sure this was C for Cat,
But where were the A and the T?

Sometimes it wasn't there at all,
    as if it had taken a fall.

But it always came back again,
Though maybe not til half past ten.

Who was the man in the moon?

Could he sing us a merry fast tune?
Could he tap out a march with a spoon?
Did he have lunch at noon?
Did he come out in June?

Could he see us from way up there,
With his great big stare,
And only his face,
In that faraway place?

The cat with his head full of why,
Took one last look with a sigh,
Before going off to his bed
Where he lay down his head,
"Aahhh!" said the cat,
"And that is that!"

Catinka Knoth, 3/30/15, (finally finished I hope!)

Here is my illustration from a long time ago, for my little unfinished book idea, as a 5x7" greeting card available at Greeting Card Universe. I think this has a customizable greeting. ( I do make a small commission from cards ordered through GCU. ) I'll add details another time on ordering cards direct from me.

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