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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Woman in rabbit ears and a blue and yellow bird. Sip & Sketch #94, 3/11/22. My digital drawings

Images from Sip & Sketch #94, 3/11/22

From memory in random order:

  1. Chess pieces
  2. Shriveled daisy
  3. Bull terrier in that weird frontal photo perspective
  4. Male dancer in sweeping motion
  5. Pretty girl looking to her left
  6. Windows in the courtyard – – turns out to be Manchester city hall courtyard, used in a Harry Potter scene
  7. A woman in rabbit ears in a surreal setting, very strange gown.
  8. Yellow and blue warbler- I think it's called a Parula warbler? No a doctored photo I guess..
  9. Eyeball looking in from the end of some kind of railroad tunnel.
  10. Got them all - yay! Last one took me awhile ! 3/13/22

Sip & Sketch session #94, hosted by theater costume and set designers, Lisa Jordan and Cindi Taylor, 
Thank you so much for making these sessions possible. 
They curate a set of images for each session. Participants draw each selection at varying 'pose' lengths - from 5-20 minutes - until the timer rings. Then  participants may show their drawings briefly for a group screen shot in 'gallery ' view. These sessions take place virtually over Zoom.

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