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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Haunted houses and a guy wearing colander helmet. Sip & Sketch # 78, 10/15/21

Image list from memory, my drawings out of order, Sip & Sketch # 78, 10/15/21 
  1. Little fat bird in the full moon, on a branch. Nightingale?
  2. Weird jack-o'-lantern
  3. Stickish figures sculpture in driftwood by Japanese sculptor, Nagatu Iwasaki.
  4. Two big purple flowers with a lot of  long thin hair like petals 
  5. A man with a weird face in a mask and costume riding bike that's too small for him, coming out of a corn stalk hide. Vintage image.
  6. Fantasy baby bull – – friend of ET!
  7. Girl in little black dress long blonde hair, black frilly Umbrella. With three fish in the air behind her
  8. Tim Burton haunted house
  9. Goofy guy wearing a colander, with a white feather and a black feather. Also a paper Doily collar.

Sip & Sketch session #78, hosted by theater costume and set designers, Lisa Jordan and Cindi Taylor, 

Thank you so much for making these sessions possible. 

They curate a set of images for each session. Participants draw each selection at varying 'pose' lengths - from 5-20 minutes - until the timer rings. Then most participants show their drawings briefly for a group screen shot in 'gallery ' view. These sessions take place virtually over Zoom.

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