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Monday, August 16, 2021

Castles, and a dancer. Doodle Dine, week 70, 8/15/21

Doodle Dine week 70, 8/15/21

Missed the first two and left before the end because my drawings got lost in my tablet when I touched something wrong. I panicked at not being able to find my drawings..

Here in somewhat random order are my drawings for the session. I like to try to remember before seeing them again, what we drew.

  1. X
  2. X
  3. Symmetrical view up column/pilastre? With gargoyle at the top/end.
  4. Castle with two conical turrets
  5. Double vents
  6. Dancer w thin draperies
  7. Monhegan cliffs maybe
  8. Dollar sign or spiral stairs/walk on NA building
  9. X

Thanks to Liz Popiel for hosting this virtual zoom sketch class and curating the images for the session.

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