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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Kwanzaa still life’s, winter landscapes, models in flowing gowns, Doodle Dine sketch session, 12/28/20

 Doodle dine 12/28/20 notes, recall

11:38 pm after the session, which we’d finished at 9pm

Recall of images list, out of order

  1. some kind of symbol
  2. #3 Icicles on window? Abstraction
  3. Wintry landscape far away barn in snow
  4. Kwanzaa still life candles, oranges, pumpkin? Grapes gourd?
  5. Red n green still life - glass of milk , towel,peppers? Strawberries , leaves, basket
  6. Black beauty model in hot salmon dress
  7. Black beauty model in hot pink huge voluminous gown (was in school with someone in the  group)
  8. Euro robin or bluebird? in holly branch w berries
  9. Little snowman looked like penguin face - carrot nose, black beret, whitish scarf, stick branch arms

Doodle dine draw

some of the subjects from virtual sketch session, 12/28/20

The host, Liz Popiel, has curated a set of images, (whether photos or art), for us to draw that session. They start with short times, 3 min.) ,set to a timer, and continue to longer ‘Poses’, c. 20 min, as if they were models posing. Participants hold up their work, if willing, between each image. This is all done over the Zoom platform.

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