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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Dine, doodle ,draw class drawings from 9/14/20

All except the last drawing are basic black crayon - just a stub by now... By the last image in class I had no  sheets of paper handy. I remembered I could draw in the iPad, using the ipencil. I printed it out later for these photos.

In these online sketch classes, the host has preselected a collection of images. The sessions take place in Zoom. Each image is visible to the sketchers over the host’s shared screen. We learn how long the image will be visible and work til the timer rings, (3-20 minutes). The routine is to hold up one’s drawing after each image for a group photo shot. I have not been holding up mine between images because I find it breaks the flow for me, which is hard enough already. And there is an implied judgement that comes too often for me during the drawing process. Compliments are judgements too, and I try to avoid them when I’m drawing.

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