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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Snowflake papercuts display, child and adult art display, children’s drawing class, 1/7/20

We folded copy weight paper to get a big size square from the sheet and cut off the excess. Then we folded the square in half on the diagonal 3 times. Open back to the first foldover. Mark a spot along the crease revealed by opening back. Cut from one corner to the dot and then cut from the other corner to the dot.

Then go to town cutting out little pieces thru the thickness from the fold. You can cut circles and hearts and any kind of shapes you want . Just makes sure you're keeping the whole piece whole.

Open the papercut to see your surprise. Color another sheet with darkish colors as a contrast to show your snowflake. Fasten with some tape rolled over like a double stick tape. Or glue it. Or don't do any background. This child colored the papercut too. We also tried crayon rubbings over the papercuts.

I know this needs a more explicit and easy to follow instruction, but it will have to do for now. Besides, you can probably figure out how to do this without instruction!

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