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Monday, December 2, 2019

Gingerbread papercraft houses and village paper model scene. Adult art class student display. 12/2/19

Adorable paper houses village by adult art class, 12/2/19.  Class tried there best to follow my rambling instructions and inventing on the fly. In the end everyone made a paper structure. Once it is assembled, it is hard to decorate or draw on. So we stuck decorations etc onto the houses. Here they are displayed as tabletop decorations. But they are also setup to be popup cards. They can be hanging ornaments if you pull a string/loop/hanger up through the middle and cut it free from the big yard! They are so precious. Right now they are set up in the library’s Community room.

I’ll try to do or find some instructions for this later.
You need two longer panels for one set of opposing walls.
You need a set of narrower walls for the ends.
How do you lay them out as a template?
The roof can be a big extension that folds over. It can be one big piece coming off one of the big panels. Just think of all the box possibilities that you have come across. Think of how a milk carton is constructed. Think of how a bag is constructed. Think of how a paper bag is constructed. Lots of ways to go with this.

 You can form paper tabs and glue them down. You can close things up with tape either on the inside or the outside. You can make double stick tape by forming loops with your masking tape or scotch tape. We had to use masking tape. Admittedly not very elegant but it works in this situation

Here is a very rough plan. I drew it in my phon’s ‘notes’ feature. Setup the paper to have a grid. That

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