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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Red, White, and Blues - bluebirds, jays and strawberries. Adult art class, 6/24/19

We used a set of photos for reference. First practice was a blind contour drawing - keep your drawing tool on the page, and your eyes on the subject as you slowly follow the subject's contours. Be silent as you work.
Practice 2: continuous line drawing of the subject. Keep your pencil moving on the page without lifting it. You may look from subject to drawing.
#3: draw just the dark marks on an invisible blue jay on your page. Keep these marks where they should be in relation to each other.
#4: the dark spots again with addition of colored areas - on the invisible bird.

Final drawing as you wish. Incorporate some of these exercises if you want. The challenge, if you wanted, is to do it with only red and blue colors, (and white of the paper). Try it in one color!

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