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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Circle of friends, annual summer solstice picnic, friends who had worked together many years ago, some of whom may still do so(?),2018 edition. Even smaller size pics

My dear friends from this place have sent each other these pics. Some have yet to be opened and seen because they are so big and unaccessable right now. I thought maybe I could forward those extra large pics direct to here, but they seem to get stuck in the process, in any case, I'm hoping these can post, so that they will at least be in one place. And I'm hoping the phone will give me the option to send in a smaller size...
Amended - yes one can choose a smaller size. The post went through to my other email accounts but not to this blog. At least not yet. I'll try a smaller yet size.

Still would not post remotely tho pics are much smaller. Now I'm trying text first and pics later somehow!

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